Privacy Policy

Stored Information

Data stored upon invitation to a server:

  • Server's ID

  • Server Owner's ID

Data stored upon entry by a user:

  • User ID's

  • Channel ID's

  • Role ID's

No information other than that mentioned above will be stored

Updating Data

The data may be updated when using specific commands. Updating data will require the input of an end user. No other actions may update the stored information at any given time.

Temporally Stored Information

Vote Manager may keep the stored information in an internal cacheing mechanic for a certain amount of time. After this time period, the cached information will be dropped and only be re-added when required. Data may be dropped from cache pre-maturely through actions such as removing the bot from the Server.

Removal of Data

  • Removing Vote Manager from a server will result in automatic deletion of the data. This can be achieved by kicking Vote Manager from said server

  • Server Owners may request manual deletion of all or some data for a server. Proof of ownership will be required for security reasons

  • Bot Owners on any of the voting platforms we support may request removal of a Vote Tracker for their bot on said platform. Proof of ownership will be required for security purposes

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